The initiatives

As Gianroberto Casaleggio wrote "the web does not replace the physical place, but integrates and completes it". This is why the world of Rousseau is full of initiatives and projects through which to promote, on the Italian territory and beyond, the themes of digital citizenship, innovation and the role of the web as a tool to create new models of active participation, collective intelligence and direct democracy.

Rousseau Village
The main and most important national gathering in Rousseau
The main and most important national gathering in Rousseau

The Rousseau Village is one of the main events linked to the Rousseau direct democracy platform. Born as a space dedicated to Rousseau within the national meeting of the 5 Stars MoVement (i.e. in the editions of Italia 5 Stelle in Palermo in 2016 and Rimini in 2017) it becomes an autonomous and pivotal event for the promotion of the Rousseau project with the edition in Pescara in 2018.

In the Italia 5 Stelle 2016 edition in Palermo, for the first time the representatives of the various functions illustrate to the participants the various applications of which the Rousseau operating system is composed, and it is instead in the Rimini edition in 2017 that the presentation of the platform is accompanied by training meetings.

In the edition organised in Pescara on 19, 20 and 21 January 2018, the Rousseau Village becomes a fundamental meeting occasion for training on the Government programme for the 2018 general elections.

The three-day event in Pescara represents, in fact, a fundamental training space with thematic workshops and working groups in which all citizens who, in view of the political elections, wish to deepen their knowledge of the 5 Stars MoVement programme that was voted on the Rousseau platform in the previous months can participate. The event was a great success and more than 5,000 people attended the more than 30 training sessions organised.

A new edition of the Rousseau Village dedicated to the theme of digital citizenship and the Rousseau Open Academy takes place in Rome on 20 and 21 October 2018, while in 2019 the Rousseau Village takes place in Milan and is dedicated to Europe and the training of citizens who are candidates for the European elections. This edition has over 2,000 participants in two days and 66 training sessions.

In 2020 the first totally digital edition called "Villaggio Rousseau - The Olympics of Ideas" is held. The edition is held in July during the Covid-19 period and includes 126 speakers in 32 sessions for a total of 250 hours of activity. Innovative methods and tools such as the World Café, collaborative writing, Political Participation Canvas, Pecha Kucha or Ask me Anything are used.

Rousseau Open Day
Training and in-depth training days
Training and in-depth training days

The Rousseau Open Day tour was created to explain the characteristics and history of the Rousseau platform on the territories and to describe its applications, but also and above all to promote specific training activities for municipal councillors and activists on important issues such as the procurement code, civic access, waste management, the budget of local authorities and much more.

Since June 2017, several events have been organised in some of the main Italian cities. A series of meetings that, in just a few months, records 15 stages and more than 2500 participants in the training sessions. The tour is attended by the representatives of the functions who tell, stage after stage, about the work carried out through the platform. It was during an Open Day organised in Ivrea in May 2018 that Davide Casaleggio launched one of Rousseau's most important projects: the Open Academy.

Rousseau City Lab Tour
Tour for the promotion of digital citizenship
Tour for the promotion of digital citizenship

The Tour City Lab consists of a series of meetings on the territory organized by the Rousseau Association to promote digital citizenship and allow citizens to be aware of their rights. Through tools of collective intelligence, Rousseau tackles together with experts and citizens the issues of the future and builds together with the community paths to imagine and define the society of tomorrow. In this context, Rousseau acts as an incubator of innovative ideas concerning the world of work, urban planning, justice, economics and, in general, all the themes in which the individual must be actively and proactively present. The aim, therefore, is to inform future digital citizens of the social potential of the advancement of technology and to identify with them the best ways to fully exploit it.